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1. how to register? 

A: Click link: www.wishmall.ng/account-register, and fill in your name,email,password,at the same time,you can write your mobile number,and get mobile code.however phone is not necessary. when you get invitation from your friend, and need write invitation code and mobile code

2. Why need phone code?

A: This is just for group deal, To get lowest offer in Group deal,it needs confirm your mobile by code and write invitation code together


1. Which payment methods are acceptable?

  A: COD(cash on deliver),bank transfer,westunion,paypal.

2. Need pay fee for COD?

   A: No fee for all pay.


1. How to see coupon? 

    A: can login in your account firstly, then click"Coupon Center" in your account. all coupon list in it

2. How to use coupon? 

   A: please put coupon code in fill when you are making order, detail as link: www.wishmall.ng/How-to-get-coupon

3. Have expiry date for coupon? 

   A: Yes,date is list on coupon


1. How long it ships out?

    A: 2-3 days after order confirms well if no stock in lagos/abuja; 2 days to pick up if stock in lagos/abuja

2. How long it will deliver?

   A: 5-10 work days to lagos by air,2-3 days to many cities; If have stock in lagos, can pick it up at 2nd days.

3. How much freight for package? 

  A: No freight if pick up at our lagos/abuja station. If ship to your cities, it will charger half of freight from express company.

4. could we track package after ship? 

 A: Yes, it can track till your receive


1. Could we leave review after order? 

   A: No,it can leave reviews after you receive items.

2. will you share our information when leaving review? 

   A: no, other people only can see your review and your name,and date.


1. How long warranty for our items? 

   A: it depends on items, 3 month for electronics;No warranty for beauty/shoes/clothes and other human care items after use. when you receive, it can return if defective

2. Need pay freight if return? 

  A: No, just hand it over to our cooperated express company.


1. Could we return items after use? 

   A: Yes, it needs keep orginal,and does not affect resell. some items does not include.

2. Have freight for return? 

  A: No.

3. How to return package?

 A: please contact us,we will show you our office address. 


1. How to apply new password?

   A. you can see : Forgotten password: when you login. you can apply new password by it, or click this link:www.wishmall.ng/account-forgotten

2. Could we edit my password? 

  A: Yes, just adjust in your account


1. What's Deal?  

   A: it is platform acctivity,and offer lowest price for you.

2. How to attend Deal? 

   A. Just share invitation code with your friend if attending group deal. when your friend register with your code, you can get this deal.detail link:http://www.wishmall.ng/How-to-get-group-deal


1. What's Affiliate? 

   A: It helps people make money and let many people know our platform

2. how to promote your items? 

  A: firstly produce unique link for items you want promoted on affiliate center. and then share on your facebook.youtube...,

3. How much commission?

  A. it varies because different items. 5% is normal.

4. How to pay us? 

  A. Paypal, Bank transfer,westunion.Coupon( use directly in platform)

5. how to see commission for each link? 

 A: you can enter in your affiliate center, and find " My transaction". all order from your link in it.

6. when it updated if people buy thought our link?

 A: 1 hour will update 


1. Could we get wholesale price? 

   A: Yes, we have wholesale account. when you need,please contact us and apply

2. It will get wholesale price directly if wholesale account? 

  A: yes, it will show you wholesale price when ordering

3. If we have wholesale account, we will get discount directly when order?

A: Yes, you can get discount directly



Great Value

Most favorable price for high-value items

Fast Deliver

1-3 days ship.5-7 days to logos.1-3 days local deliver

Safer Payment

All money is secured by Paypal and bank or Cash on Deliver

Shop Confidence

Local Customer-Service, Local Return

24/7 Help Center

Fast Online reply. Local Customer-service for your question

24/7 Help Center

Fast Online reply. Local Customer-service for your question

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